People – Part III

I wasn’t originally planning on a third section, but after I had written the last entry, the Lord reminded me of a few things specifically as they relate to music ministries in churches:

optics1Optics/Image– in relation to who should be allowed to serve, the word makes me physically ill.

Churches, this must not be! Your congregation are not ‘consumers’, your gatherings are not ‘product’ and terminology can easily become your theology.  Words matter!

It’s not just because I’ve struggled with weight issues all my life.  It’s because we’re told explicitly in the Scriptures: “Humans do not see what the Lord sees, for humans see what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.” 1 Sam. 16:7b

I’ve heard from people that “ ‘__________’  shouldn’t be on stage because they are (overweight, disabled, not attractive, over 30)”

Yep.  Honestly.  Every. Single. One. Of those comments I’ve heard.

As though the outer shell is what draws people to Christ.  No – it draws them to man-centered deification of cultural standards of perfection.  It’s it’s own prosperity gospel.

“Come to Jesus!  All the pretty, attractive, talented, young, cool people are believers!”

What a gross fallacy! What complete and utter skoobala!  What a denial of Isa. 53:2!

It’s the worship of Apollo & Venus!  Not the worship of the Christ!

Those who serve should be gifted in their area of ministry, but to purposefully exclude someone because they struggle with weight, or have a visible disability, or are over 30, or 50, or 60 is inexcusable in the context of the church of Jesus Christ!

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 7.05.40 PM.pngI’ll take a humble, servant-hearted, man skilled and called of God who looks like Joseph Merrickover an Adonis with a golden voice or mesmerising skills whose heart is that of Narcissus!

I want to worship along with the blood-bought Bride of Christ, not a trend.

I want reality…. Not a cookie cutter image of current culture’s concept of “cool”.

Why do churches succumb to this?

#numbers #money #fame #image

Let’s throw off the idol worship of image, Church and represent the Bride in all her glorious diversity!

Is the person born again, godly and skilled? Then let him/her serve!


2 thoughts on “People – Part III

  1. Amen, Doug! I have absolutely no musical talent or desire to serve in this area, but I have appreciated your articles on worship. Maybe because Don and I are “elderly”(someone our age was described that way on a news story the other day – a shock to us☺!) we are more aware of the trend to keep everything focused on youth and physical health even within so many churches. Your emphasis on Jesus and spiritual vitality is so refreshing. I am encouraged as I see how God has led and is using you and your family. Keep looking to Him!


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