“Something’s Happening Here” – 2

In my previous post on “Something’s Happening Here”, we looked at the fact that during gathered (in-person) worship in music, we declare God’s worth, character, truths, and the Gospel to ourselves, one another and unbelieving attendees (visitors.) This time, we're briefly looking at the reality that during gathered worship, we commune relationally with God in [...]

There’s Something Happening Here…

When I first began attending an evangelical, (non-charismatic), Gospel preaching church I could tell something was different.  If you had asked me then to describe what I experienced I would say, “something spiritual.”  I now know I was experiencing the reality of the Holy Spirit moving on my heart. Years after coming to faith, and [...]

Significant Six: The Upward Call of the Church Music Leader

Thanks to those who have given feedback – either online or in person.  It’s been great to continue these conversations. During my 20+ years in music ministry, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several music-leader (worship band leader) interns. It can be a great joy or an immense frustration. In all cases, it adds [...]

O Holy Night

*Worship Arts Ministry posts will return in 2020 For many of us, "O Holy Night" is one of our most cherished Christmas carols. Originally written in French (and poorly translated into English), here is a more direct translation into English, highlighting the powerful message it contains. Merry Christmas! * * * * * * * [...]