About Us

We hail from the land of mosquitoes and cheese curds (Wisconsin, USA) and now live in London, UK to partner with Gospel ministries in sharing the hope of Jesus to a city of 9 million. 

How did we end up in London? The short answer is, God directed our steps. We weren’t expecting such an abrupt turn in our mid-forties. But God wields our lives so that we learn to rely on his wisdom, not ours, his strength, not ours. He has been ever faithful. Read a snippet of our journey here.

We call ourselves the DREaM team. But it’s not because we’re so wonderful. Years ago we realized our family’s initials spelled DREaM, (Douglas, Rachel, Elijah, and Maylie) and the acronym stuck. Now the DREaM team includes our senders – people and churches who partner with us, with finances and prayer, to reach the nations who’ve gathered in London.

Why does London need missionaries?

London is the most ethnically and culturally diverse city in the world

Hard to reach people groups flock to London, opportunities to share the gospel abound

Only 4% of people in London say they have a personal committed life of faith in Christ. Find out more here.

As a result, most Gospel-centered churches are small and lack people and financial resources

That’s where we come in!

We serve with EFCA ReachGlobal in church planting, disciple-making, and evangelism. Our desire is to come alongside what God is already doing through his Church in London by resourcing, training, and building up Gospel centered church plants. We believe God gave the arts to shine the spotlight on Him and we love finding creative ways to share the Gospel.

Doug has served for over 20 years in the U.S. as a Pastor of Worship Arts. He’s had the opportunity to work with both small churches and with one that grew to over 1500. He’s passionate about helping churches fully engage in Biblical worship that includes robust theology and emotional connectedness, in Spirit and Truth.
His blog is called: “Musings on Music Ministry and Worship Arts.”

Rachel likes to play with words. Her publications include MOPS International, Our Daily Bread, Chicken Soup for the Soul books and Faith in Kids, and has several books published. She enjoys speaking for women’s events and loves to help women connect the truths of God’s word to their everyday lives. Head to rachelallord.com to peruse her books and blog.

We’re part of EFCA ReachGlobal and also work in partnership with Co:Mission.

And we’d love to have you partner with us as part of our Dream Team as well.